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Understanding your Auto Center 

Can you take a vacation, not call in & have your shop run smoothly without you?

 Do you ever not go home at night saying "I didn't get a thing done today"?

Do you know the ideal # of employees to maximize profit in a 6 bay shop?

Does you net profit meet or exceed the top 25% most profitable shops?

Do you know the ideal support staff to technician ratio?

Do you know the breakeven point ?

Do you know when to hire a service manager?

Do you know the sales breakeven point and when to hire support staff or technicians?

Do you get paid for every hour spent performing diagnostics at a diagnostic rate?

Do you u use it to drive in business?

Do you charge a Standard, Labor Intensive & Diagnostic Rate calculated from cost up?

Do you know how much average and high profit shops pay their technicians?

 Do you have an annual / monthly budget by income & expense category?

Do all parts get billed on every job without exception?

Can you arrive late or leave early without worry?

If total sales are $300,000, do you know what percentage should be labor sales?

Do you know what your net profit will be 12 months from now based upon current performance?

Is you labor rate established from cost up & not just what the market bears?

Do you know what percent of total sales should be spent on advertising?

Do you have written job descriptions for all your employees?

Do you know what your office efficiency percentage is?

Do you know & track your individual technician's efficiency percentage?

Doers cash flow allow you to buy all equipment as you need it?

Do you have a written operations manual for your shop?

If you have 6.5 employees, how many of them should be support staff?

Do you know what your parts gross profit should be and how to get it there?

Does your financial statement show parts, labor & sublet profit separately?
o you know what your minimum & maximum inventory turns should be?

 Do you know what your avg. labor sales per work orders should be & track it?

 Do you know what your gross profit % on labor should be & track it monthly?

Do you have and utilize a shop management software program? (Xero is free with our $499.00 a month service)

Every business has two break even points. Do you know what yours are?

Do you know the minimum monthly labor sales your techs need to generate?

Do you pay all parts suppliers on time and take discounts for early payment?

Do you know what your payroll as a percent of sales/GP should be?

Do you have an easy to understand employee incentive program that works?

Do you know the maximum hours a tech should be schedules for per day?

Do you know the average sales per repair order high profit shops generate?

Do you receive and understand a monthly P&L and balance sheet?

Do you have a dashboard of the 30 most popular items sales against last year/last month?

Do you know when it is better to buy versus lease?

​Would you like to better understand your business? Its just $499.00 a month. Schedule a free consultation today!