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Improve My Auto Center 

How do you improve your auto center ?

Great Question....

First you must have a plan...

Then you follow the plan..

You review and reassess the plan.. 

Its Sales - Cost of goods sold - Expenses that = NET PROFIT


So we analyze work on the operations of the center we have understand what we have. 

Then assess Marketing thru a Sales Pipeline.

Check on your Operations Process.

Then work on our marketing mix...

Why not work on marketing and get more customers today?

You most likely are in the position to only handle what you have today. You aren't ready for more. If you did they probably wont return.

You can get all the customers you want can you retain them that's the key? 

Profitable customers are trusting customers. The kind that say just fix it I trust you. 

They are about the repair and they trust you to get it done. What if 80% of your customers were like that and each one told a friend or a neighbor? 

Ahh now you understand....

If not you are wasting Ad dollars and losing money. 

You will be losing opportunity to wow your customers.. Create more opportunity.. 

You must understand your center. Your Technicians your Customer...Make it perfect...Y

You must learn a different way.. 

Understand what opportunities you are missing and why.

As such...

We must be...

Efficient- Effective-Organized-Confident=Profitable

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